Iraq Branch

SABA has expanded its infrastructure in Iraq by registering its foreign branch office with the Iraqi Ministry of Trade & Ministry of Interiors in the year 2004. Presently we have a number of qualified Iraqi employees under our payroll who are trained and experienced in supervision handling of overland / Port customs clearance, transportation and security operations inside Iraq.


Umm Qasr Port Operations:

Umm Qasr Port is Iraq’s only deep water port, part of the city of Umm Qasr, Iraq’s second port in scale of size and goods shipped to the port of Basra, it is strategically important, located on the western edge of the al-Faw peninsula, where the mouth of the Shatt al Arab waterway enters the Persian Gulf. It is separated from the border of Kuwait by a small inlet.

SABA has operational office inside Umm Qasr Port to manage Umm Qasr Port operations with a team of permanent employees and security guards to ensure receiving containers / Cargo and securing them until customs cleared and transported to destination.

SABA`s main operations terminal is located 3 kms from Safwan border with permanent employees and permanent security guards who control the overland customs clearance and transport operations inside Iraq. SABA provides Static Security, Convoy with Security and Off shore security with the support of vehicles & bodyguards. 


Iraq Warehousing Facilities:

• Fenced yard 10,000 square meters at Safwan, Iraq Border

• Secured storage space in Basrah, South Iraq, adjacent to our Security Terminal Office

• Secured facilities for storage and lodging at our Baghdad Divisional Office

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